Building A Comprehensive Grief Support Program

We know that you and the members of your congregations experience death on a routine basis. It can sometimes drain and wear down the best of clergy and lay ministers, chaplains, rabbis, and imams. It is strenuous work to remain open and nurturing to the pain that comes along with loss and separation.
At Lighthouse Hospice, this is all we do.
We have develop key insights, strategies, and talking points to help begin and facilitate the movement of grief and loss. Let us help your designated church, temple, fellowship, or mosque ministry team by sharing what we know about the path of grief.
  • What happens at the beginning?
  • What routine things occur?
  • How do people mend?
  • What are the signs of complicated grief?
  • What antidotes are their to the suffering that comes from separation?
  • How can art help the mending?
We can share with you the best-practices that we have put in place over our close to 20 years of end-of-life care in our community. We even have a our ready-to-present workshop all set to give to your group TODAY.    Just call us. 1.888.HOSPICE
This program - Building an Effective Grief Support Program - is designed to help us to help you become aware of and proficient in:
  • The Faces of Grief - Presentation and discussion of the roles of the body, the mind and the heart in grief and mourning; how each of these dimensions are affected by the sting of loss and how to give voice to each
  • Components of a Grief Support Program - Case studies, examples and shared best practices for how to implement, organize and sustain a productive Grief Support Program
  • Support Program Tools - Shared examples based on 20 years of dealing exclusively with grief and dying in southern New Jersey
Call Tom, our Director of Operations to talk about ways we can benefit the care you provide by sharing the care that we provide. Partners in the community - TOGETHER WE ARE STRONGER.
ALSO - Ask about our FREE PROGRAMS ready for you to use (pdf copies of complete (A-Z) lesson plans)
  1. 8 WEEK GRIEF SUPPORT program that you can adapt to your location, or our
  2. TEEN GRIEF RETREAT program you can use there as well.
Call Rev. Tom Johnson-Medland, CSJ, OSL TODAY, he and our chaplain and social work staff are standing by to offer support.

Dreaming Pop-pop - A storybook helping children with grief

Johnson-Medland & Sons Booksellers releases "DREAMING POP-POP", today. Our first book published by Johnson-Medland & Sons Booksellers.

The book was written through the process of healing with our boys after the loss of my dad 14 years ago. The storybook leads kids through their dreams and feelings of loss; helping them to use journaling and transference objects to make sense of the feelings of being lost in our loss.

From the Site:

Losing loved ones is a difficult part of being human.  We spend our days lauding the many acts of love that enable us to grow closer to each other - we value community and growing in intimacy.

When we lose someone we love we feel the subtle tearing away of the countless bonds between our hearts.  It is not easy to interpret what is going on - even as adults.  Helping children to know what is going on amid grief can feel that much harder.

This simple book talks about a child's dreams, drawings, pictures, memory box and a process of healing that is aided by his parents, a Social Worker, and his school Guidance Counselor.  It reveals a concrete way of looking at the feelings that emerge amid grief and loss by implementing the tools of journaling, gathering of transference objects, and talking things through with those around us.

This book challenges us to remember those we love and integrate our losses with our memories, our feelings, our hopes and our dreams.  Join this child as he implements some rudimentary methods for processing grief.

A Beacon of HOPE

A program for those who are not quite ready for hospice care - a Beacon of HOPE to guide them in their time of need and turmoil.  The details are in the flyer below.  Click on the image to see larger, or on the pdf for a document to go.