Keeping Pace and Staying Agile

In order to stay ahead of the constant changes in IT and design, it is critical to have a team of people working on your footprint and branding in the community. In our last three years we have moved ahead - routinely - on our brand and in keeping our platforms robust and pliable.

Check out the updates we made to our app. We were the first in our region to unveil an app three years ago and proud to introduce our LHI 2.0.

Turn and Face the Strange Changes


There is an invisible force that walks through and across our lives - ALWAYS.  It changes the tenor and the nature of things all around by changing the tenor and the nature of each individual thing.  It is time. 

It is invisible to us because it happens ALWAYS.  Now.  Now.  And, now again, time is happening.  We are so close to the passing of time we rarely get the chance to notice its effects.  It is so near us that we need to back up to see what it has affected and effected.  The further we back up, the greater the view of time and its impact on ALL around us.

This is a huge reality in the lives of patients and families.  Our presence in their lives is meant to help support the work that goes on up close and next to death and dying.  Helping patients and families step back enough to get a better vantage point on things is an immense gift we can give them.  

Whether it is to help them notice a slow or rapid decline so they can make the most of the time they have, or whether it is to sit around and listen to the stories as they go through the photo albums and try to find meaning and worth in the length of their days, either and both are so helpful.

Last week I had the chance to chat with an artist from Villanova, PA.  He is a photographer.  Byron Wolfe does a lot of work with the National Parks and other major American landmarks.  He researches old photos by Adams, Weston, or Muybridge and then goes to the same sight and stages the same shot and photographs it.

Sometime he will lay an old photo into or on top of a contemporary shot of the same scene.  It helps reveal change and passages of time.  It gives perspective, a sense of process, and discovery.

At other times he just lays them side by side or next to each other - in close proximity - to show the same.  To reveal time; to unmask what is too close for us to see.

I was struck by this because this is exactly what our focus tends to be all about as people begin to leave.  We are here to shepherd and midwife people through the change.  From here to the Great Mystery.  I see nobility in the work you do - the work we do.  Take a moment to bask in that nobility.  Thank you Lighthouse Hospice staff for shepherding and midwifing so many!

BE SURE to GO to BYRON's website.  This local artist is worth knowing about.