Lighthouse Hospice Partners with the Arbor Day Foundation

At Lighthouse Hospice, we recognize the need for ongoing celebration of a life lived. We share our fondness for hope with families and loved ones by planting 10 trees in memory of their loved one in Tahoe National Forest. Their memory lives on and contributes to our common experience of wellbeing.
We also share hope for the growth of those left after loss by providing ongoing grief support groups and a regularly emailed Bereavement Support Newsletter. If you or a loved one has experienced a loss and would like to receive our FREE eNewsletter, just sign up at: www.lighthousehospice.net/newsletters
When you are unsure of where to turn in matters of end-of-life, death and dying, or grief and bereavement, make the natural choice for a resident of New Jersey. Lighthouse Hospice, the New Jersey choice - for Central and South Central New Jersey.

Along the Road - A Life Review Workbook

Being able to chart a life lived is an ominous and yet sacred task.  Being able to share your thoughts, actions, beliefs, and feelings for and with your loved ones is necessary, but sometimes overwhelming.  Who knows where to begin.
After establishing a set of questions that could help people begin to chart the course of their life - on paper - we worked and reworked the questions.  We added and subtracted prompts, cues, suggestions, and questions.  we toiled to get to the core of the issues in our lives.
What we have left in this book is the quintessential questions that ask for the pieces of anyone's / everyone's story.  It asks for simple and direct explanations about some basic milestones, pathways, and markers in your life.  Who was important? How did they impact you? What have you learned? How did you celebrate? What did you celebrate? Where did you live, get educated, grow up, marry?  
On and on the prompts guide you through the very maze of your life.
Don't miss this chance to review your life - or the life of someone you love.  Do it while both you and they are able.  The final chapter of the book is about a the author's visit with Elisabeth Kubler-Ross before she died.
All proceeds from this book go to NJHPCO (New Jersey Hospice and Palliative Care Organization) and NHPCO (National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization).  
“I had every intention of documenting the lives of my father and mother somehow, before they left this life. But time slipped by, and now I have so little to remember them by . . . and, so much of their histories are unknown to me. This workbook is brilliant, and it’s easy and fun. Get to work on it with your loved one now. You’ll be so happy that you did.” —Karen Taylor-Good, Grammy-nominated songwriter, speaker, author, and Hospice “groupie”!
“You are one of a kind, there will never be another, quite you like you. But just think about all you have seen and done! Think of all of the people you know and have known. Will you please tell us what the world has looked like from behind your eyes? How has life seemed, sounded, and felt like to you all these years? Please tell us some stories, so that we can share them with people you love and love you. Let them share your memories, wisdom, and wit, and perhaps, pass them along to others, even years from now, so that they, too, can know you. Have a seat, sip a beverage, flip through this book in your hand and take us Along the Road. With the help of someone to listen, write, or record what you have to say, it’s time to begin . . .” —Ira Byock, MD, author of Dying Well and The Four Things That Matter Most
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Siblings as They Grow

The nature of our relationships with our siblings changes as we age and as our parents age.  This article helps address those changes.